Herb Brooks Award


Each year during the boys and girls high school hockey tournaments in Minnesota, a special award that represents the characteristics, traits, and values that define Herb Brooks, is given out to one player from each boys and girls high school team. The player that receives the award is not necessarily the best player on the team but one that has the most drive and dedication to his/her team, to their school, their community, and last but not least, to hockey.
  In order to receive the award, the player must go through a nomination process. A player can be nominated by the head coach of their team who must fill out a checklist of qualities associated with Brooks that the player possesses and explain why that player deserves to win. Every player on the varsity roster for boys/girls is eligible for the award but only one from each group will receive the award.
Once all the players are nominated it’s time to select one from each the boys and girls varsity high school hockey  team. The two people that select the player who will receive the award are Herb Brooks’ daughter Kelly and his son, Dan. The winners are chosen during the 3rd period of the third place game for each class at each tournament. The head coach of the player selected will be notified before each championship game and the award will be given to the player after the championship game but before all the medals and trophies are given out.
 We all know that Herb was remembered mostly for his USA Olympic Hockey team that he led to the Gold Medal in 1980 against the unbeatable Russians, but the story that he enjoyed telling people the most was of his 1955 St. Paul Johnson high school hockey team, who were the state champs.

“Winning the state championship, that represented your neighborhood. I would have to say that it was my biggest thrill ever. It was just the guys in the neighborhood and that was special”
                                                                                                -Herb Brooks